Freebie Friday – Sienna

At present, I would very much like to wish myself into the middle of the desert. But only for a little while because I’ll burn like an egg on a dasboard in Arizona. In the meantime, as I potter around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for spring, I’ll content myself with these pretty summery sienna shaded patterned papers.

Happy (and warm) scrapping!

Freebie Friday – Borderline

And now, for something completely different – today’s offering is NOT a paper pack! Are you impressed? Because you should be!

This week you’ll find a little mish mash of borders. Some pretty and jewel-like, others just plain strips of pretty sparkly design thingies.

Happy scrapping!

Freebie Friday – Knit, knit, knit

While the northern hemisphere enjoys an early summer, we down here in the southern hemisphere are freezing our patooties off. Well, I am and I assume everyone else is (except maybe those in Queensland and the NT because I’m pretty sure winter doesn’t exist up there). So these days you can find me snuggling under a blanket with a hot water bottle at my butt. Oh, what a life!

Since I can’t actually knit, I thought I’d warm everyone up with some virtual knitting. I present to you: red, white, and knitted!

Keep warm, people!