Freebie Friday – iNSD Edition!

How convenient that INSD happens to fall on a Friday!

Today you get a whole kit!

AUSTENTATIOUS was inspired by, as you can probably guess, all things Jane Austen. I obsessively watched my Austen adaptations on a loop as I made this kit. Oh, the things we suffer for our art!

This is actually the very FIRST kit I ever made so it’s a little bit … mismatched? Disjointed? And it’s also part of a bigger bundle that will be released eventually in full. Unlike other freebies, this one will only be available for a limited time. So get it while you can!

I hope you can make use of it, or at the very least go out and enjoy some dashing Regency romance for me, yes?


Freebie Friday – Easter recovery

I took a much needed sabbatical over the Easter holidays. Mostly I spent my days hanging out at home in my pyjamas, venturing out only for food and trips to the playground (because otherwise I’d be stuck inside with two stir crazy boys and we’d all need therapy afterward). Now I have no idea where the last two weeks have gone.

Oh, well.

Here, have some papers to celebrate all that leftover chocolate.


Freebie Friday – Raindrops and Rainbows

My contribution to the Pixelscrapper April 2017 Raindrops and Rainbows blog train.

For this I whipped out Illustrator for some good old fashioned yelling at my computer and practicing my google-fu. Turns out I am still excellent at googling how to use Illustrator, and sort of moderately not-awful at actually using Illustrator, so go me!

Okay, so I’ve got a pretty (and somewhat blinding) geometric rainbow paper pack for you, along with some matching journal cards.

And then as a bonus, paper overlays for use in your own designs. The overlays are all yours for commercial use (T&Cs are in the folder for your convenience).

Click on the pictures to download the rar files.


Freebie Friday – Love Is In The Air {mini kit}

It would seem that the heat has scrambled my brain. I thought I’d already posted this, but apparently not!

Another PixelScrapper effort, this one for the February Designer Challenge.

PixelScrapper Designer Challenge Feb2017

Preview and TOU



Note: If you’re having trouble opening .rar files on your computer, there are a couple of free programs that can help you out: Winrar (mac/windows), iZip (mac), and 7zip (windows). Although I’ll certainly be happy to upload zip files if you’re still stuck.