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Freebie Friday – Pumpkin Spice {PixelScrapper Blog Train October}

My contribution to the PixelScrapper October blog train, Pumpkin Spice.

Okay, so it’s not quite October, but we’re only days away from all things orange! I don’t even like pumpkin – but I was drawn to the lovely autumn-y colour scheme. But I now feel that there’s not enough glitter. Hmm, maybe next time!

If anyone is having a problem with the file, please download the alternate zip here.

Happy Autumn!

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Freebie Friday – May 26th

I’ve been lacking any sort of creative drive lately, but as usual PixelScrapper delivers the inspiration like a kick to the butt. This teeny tiny mini-kit is the result of a clever little create-a-kit via a series of prompts. I aimed for cohesion, probably didn’t end up with it. But I like the colours and I had heaps of fun working with a set series of variables rather than flying by the seat of my pants.

Download via the links.

Don’t forget the bonus alpha!

Mini Kit


Happy scrapping!

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Freebie Friday – iNSD Edition!

How convenient that INSD happens to fall on a Friday!

Today you get a whole kit!

AUSTENTATIOUS was inspired by, as you can probably guess, all things Jane Austen. I obsessively watched my Austen adaptations on a loop as I made this kit. Oh, the things we suffer for our art!

This is actually the very FIRST kit I ever made so it’s a little bit … mismatched? Disjointed? And it’s also part of a bigger bundle that will be released eventually in full. Unlike other freebies, this one will only be available for a limited time. So get it while you can!

I hope you can make use of it, or at the very least go out and enjoy some dashing Regency romance for me, yes?


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Freebie Friday – Love Is In The Air {mini kit}

It would seem that the heat has scrambled my brain. I thought I’d already posted this, but apparently not!

Another PixelScrapper effort, this one for the February Designer Challenge.

PixelScrapper Designer Challenge Feb2017

Preview and TOU



Note: If you’re having trouble opening .rar files on your computer, there are a couple of free programs that can help you out: Winrar (mac/windows), iZip (mac), and 7zip (windows). Although I’ll certainly be happy to upload zip files if you’re still stuck.

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A new year, a new start.

The end of 2016 threw me for a loop. Between a well deserved family holiday, an awesome (but planning intensive) pirate party for my preschooler, and then the relaxation (yeah, right!) that is the Christmas season, I’m afraid I let this blog lapse. This kit was supposed to be a Christmas present to everyone, but I’ll have to make it a New Years gift instead.


Glitter Paper
Shimmer Paper