Free Stuff

Freebie Friday – Ornate

This week we have a few leftovers from some of my Etsy paper packs. These are the papers that didn’t quite make the cut – but they’re still rather lovely.

If you’d like more, you can check out the Gold On Black paper set, and the Gold Umber set. There are several sets in the collection. Follow the links for matching goodies.

Now, the free stuff!

Happy scrapping!

Free Stuff

Freebie Friday – Deco Gold

I recently watched the newest adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express, which naturally led to some nostalgic binge watching of the Poirot TV series. David Suchet will always be my Poirot, despite Kenneth Branagh’s excellent moustaches.

I love the 1930s aesthetic from the earlier episodes. The smooth and elegant art deco designs and all the shades of grey and gold. Gorgeous stuff. Which brings me to this week’s paper pack, inspired by the elegant simplicity of the 30s.

Happy scrapping!

Free Stuff

Freebie Friday (on Sunday!) – Purple!

I’m pretty sure I actually popped it sometime last week and what remains to write this post is merely a snotty, achy mostly human husk of ouch.

I have a sinus infection. A pretty bad one. It’s making me a bit mopey.

So I shall combat the mopiness with PRETTY PURPLE! Because everyone loves purple. And those who say they don’t are LYING LIARS WHO LIE.

Here, have some papers.

Happy (healthy) scrapping!