Freebie Friday – Storytelling [Pixel Scrapper June Blog Train]

Once upon a time – a very long time ago – I used to write. I wrote a mystery novel when I was fifteen (it sucked), I dabbled in poetry during the HSC (which also sucked). I journalled. I spent my uni years writing gloriously clichéd fanfiction (mostly to avoid the endless essay writing).

I drifted away from writing stories – due to a lack of time, motivation, inspiration – to documenting my stories visually, mostly through photographs and scrapbooks.

Maybe one day I’ll write some more …

Everybody has a story to tell – might as well make it pretty!

Happy storytelling!

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  1. Trish, you are close to my heart!
    I also wrote stories and poems.
    I’ve also learned graphic programs to illustrate my stories.
    Thank you for this beautiful set, everything you do is beautiful.
    I would like to read your stories, maybe give at least a fragment, please …

  2. Ahh, but now you’ve found your niche’ as a talented designer! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful kit!!

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