Throwback Thursday – Raindrops & Rainbows

Before my husband and I created our third adorable nuisance, I had plans for the website. I even have a list written in my favourite glitter pens outlining those plans!

A site revamp was in the cards – create a new layout, refresh old freebies, maybe writing a tutorial or two. It was pretty serious. I mean, they were written in glitter.

Now it’s all gone to pot and placed on the backburner.

Perhaps you’d like to rediscover – or discover – some old freebies? They have yet to be refreshed, but I like to think that I’m pedantic enough that the original quality was pretty good way back then, even if I feel that I’ve improved somewhat my design skills.

I like to think I’ve become more polished but I don’t know …

Thought I might start by throwing obnoxiously loud rainbow colours at you! From an old Pixel Scrapper blog train in April 2017. Look at that preview image!

(That reminds me – gotta update the preview template …)

Both the link and the image will take you to the original post.

Happy scrapping!

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Freebie Friday – Winter in the Tropics [Pixel Scrapper July Blog Train]

I find that lately I have less and less time to do things. Little things that I’d like to do, like shower and eat and drink that cup of tea that’s been sitting, forgotten, on the kitchen counter since breakfast. (And I’d absolutely love to go to the loo by myself and when I want to, but I understand that’s at least two years off.)

So scrapbooking and designing has been flung straight off my to-do list. Hopefully it’ll slowly creep back on as baby Thomas grows older and (hopefully) starts sleeping on surfaces that aren’t me.

I do have a few things in reserve, and when my husband isn’t at work, on occasion I’ll fling the baby his way, pop on my very dated playlist (Backstreet Boys, anyone?) and bring up Photoshop. Then I have to remind myself how to use it – I’m rusty, you see. And my creativity seems to have buggered off with my brain. But I push myself and occasionally pretty things result.

Here is one such small, random collection of pretty things. It’s not quite a kit, but it has elements of one. I’m sure some of them will go nicely with the rest of the July blog train. It’s a beautiful one!

Happy winter!

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Freebie Friday – Molten Gold

I’m a sucker for metallic accents, particularly gold and silver. Shimmery metallic foils, glitters, shimmers – I love them all!

This week I have a gorgeous paper pack. The papers feature bold, dark gold patterns on a black background. The beauty of simplicity!

Happy scrapping!

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Freebie Friday – Laurel

I have a cold. I’m sick and miserable and I pretty much hate everyone and everything.

But I am a creature of habit (mostly), and it’s freebie Friday – so here are some pretty green papers to brighten up your day.

I hope your weekend is more pleasant than mine!

Happy scrapping!

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Freebie Friday – Storytelling [Pixel Scrapper June Blog Train]

Once upon a time – a very long time ago – I used to write. I wrote a mystery novel when I was fifteen (it sucked), I dabbled in poetry during the HSC (which also sucked). I journalled. I spent my uni years writing gloriously clich├ęd fanfiction (mostly to avoid the endless essay writing).

I drifted away from writing stories – due to a lack of time, motivation, inspiration – to documenting my stories visually, mostly through photographs and scrapbooks.

Maybe one day I’ll write some more …

Everybody has a story to tell – might as well make it pretty!

Happy storytelling!

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