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  1. I love your kit. Well done! I just have one problem; I can’t open .rar files on my computer. Perhaps you have a suggestion or workaround I can use?

  2. Absolutely stunning kit!!! The frames are gorgeous!!! The flowers, cards, clips and heart are all charming!!! The word art is lovely!!! The papers are stunning!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  3. What a beautiful kit!! Thank you so very much for sharing it with us all. No need to be nervous about it…I think you have won us all over with sharing your talent, time and generosity, I know you have me…the kit is gorgeous!

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful contribution to this months blog train. Love the papers, card, and especially the overlays! A person can’t have to many of those!

  5. The colors are gorgeous!!! The patterns are amazing!!! The papers are stunning!!! The journal cards are lovely!!! The overlays, which I can color or leave black and white, are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  6. Thank you so much – & “I HEEEEEERE!” really made me laugh. I can just hear a little voice announcing that!

  7. I just found your blog downloading the Zoo blog train. I have fallen in love with your creations. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.

  8. What a beautiful kit you’ve created! I’m having problems, thought, with the download… it appears to be corrupt?
    Best wishes!

  9. Thanks so much for your exquisite contribution! BTW, you aren’t the only one freaking out about the passage of time this year… 😀

  10. Thank you so much for your beautiful creation, Trish 🙂
    I am in love with your elements. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  11. Trish, this is wonderfully nostalgic for me. Thank you so much for this tenderhearted kit. Blessings to you in the New Year!

  12. i’m already building a layout in my head around that rose paper. gorgeous! thanks for sharing and have a great year!

  13. You never can have too many hearts! They spread the Love… so thanks for spreading the Love in this kit.

  14. I know I am trying to catch up this month but had computer problems but I can’t seem to find the link to download this beautiful kit.

  15. Love, love, love everything here! Thank you so much for your generosity, and easy to navigate website. Wishing you as much joy you spread here.

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  17. Trish, thanks for your gift. I especially like the blue cross and the pink flower… and the folded paper flower is so unusual. It reminds me of vintage papercrafts!

    1. Mary, I’m glad you like them. I a couple of similar sets coming up later this month so keep an eye out for them!

  18. I completely agree with your choice of Suchet as Poirot. I think he really does Ms Christie proud. You are so right about the elegant fashions that you have beautifully captured with these papers! Thanks so much!

  19. Trish wrote on PS: “I’m, like, a week late to the party but you can find my contribution at my blog.” Never too late, Trish! My dear Mama always said that coming in late gave you a chance to be better appreciated. Of course she said this, as we were ALWAYS late for EVERYTHING! 😉 Your gifts arrived just in time. Your lovely pinks would have gotten lost in the flurry of downloads on August 1. Now we get a chance to focus on all your pink pretties. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    1. These papers are actually adapted from existing tile designs. Otherwise they’re a bit too intricate for my lazy butt to recreate from scratch!

  20. Trish, so sorry you are not feeling well. I hope the icky feeling leaves soon so you can enjoy this special time. I do feel sorry for you, and I am taking the mini because I really like your work! Thanks for sharing with us even, and especially, when you are not feeling on top of things. Thanks for the gift, and thanks for always bringing us a smile!

  21. I am so sorry sweetie!!! I feel your pain… My oldest (and only until lately!!) is almost 20 and we just found out we are having twins.. Not sure if the sickness or shock put me on the couch not moving!!! I wish you all the luck in the world!!! Hopefully you will feel better very soon and enjoy the miracle!!! Your part of the blog train is gorgeous and fun!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  22. Большое спасибо за Ваш прекрасный набор! Очень жаль ,что чувствуете себя плохо…но скоро в Ваш дом войдет счастье!

  23. Bummer, pregnancy can definitely wipe a person out. Feeling sorry for you but know it will be worth it! Thanks for the cute kit.

  24. Hi Trish,

    My name is Kathy and I am a confirmed graphics addict. Your site is wonderful, a treasure trove of beautiful designs. Of course, I have now collected every one of them and hopefully I will be able to put them to use. Even if it is just looking through your designs, they are a delight to my eyes. I don’t have a web site, so no worries that I will ever post or share your designs on the internet. My main use is in card making, but only for personal use. I do not sell any of the items that I make. I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!

    Have a wonderful day,


  25. Congrats on not feeling well!! 😉 I was the same with all 3 of my kids; the first time, I had morning sickness for about 5 months! But it was so worth it … Hope you feel better soon — & seriously, congrats!
    Thanks also for sharing your creation — I love the dirt splatter & the scatters!

  26. How wonderful that you are expecting!!! The best time in your life–after the morning sickness. Congratulations, and thank you for the lovely kit!

  27. Congratulations on the baby! Hope the non-human-feeling is short lived.

    And thanks for your contribution to the blog hop!

  28. I can “dig it” (bwahaha! HAD to do it.) that you don’t feel human while pregnant. Our bodies just take over and do whatever they please. Anyway thanks for the lovely kit. Blessings for a easy, quick and relatively pain free labor with a healthy baby!

  29. I really love your coordinating kits! It really helps me keep to a single design style. Thanks again! Love these ribbons!

  30. These cards are fabulous – thank you! I love mid-century design & illustration (even the kitschy stuff) & will be using these in this year’s December Daily. Thank you again!

  31. This is so elegant and quaint. Thank you very much. And I am late to the party, too, as I’m downloading 15 minutes till midnight! LOL!

  32. Thanks for the gorgeous papers, Trish! It sounds like your life is about to get really busy soon… be sure to take good care of yourself when your little one arrives. Praying for an easy delivery!

    It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?

    1. Oh goodness. Baby brain + updated wordpress input = weird links. This one’s fixed now too! (And I’m going through the last few posts just in case.)

  34. thanks for another smashing kit Trish! I am a huge fan of your style and am so happy to see you on Pixel Scrapper again! Hope you feeling stronger and ready for your new babe.

  35. Congratulations, Trish! Healthy baby, healthy mama… what a blessing. Thanks for thinking of us and making a lovely mini kit for the blog train. I know you must be exhausted. Be sure to take care of yourself so you can take care of your loved ones!

  36. Beautiful kit Trish! And Congratulations! I somehow missed completely that you were pregnant! So happy to hear of the safe arrival of baby Thomas. And I know all about working with Photoshop with a baby and only one hand! 😉 Enjoy your new bundle of joy!

  37. Welcome to the world, little one! I’m sure you’ve turned your family’s house upside-down with your arrival, but I’m equally sure they are absolutely delighted to have you here to love and snuggle with. Tell your mama congratulations for me! I’m immensely impressed that she was able to design anything right now, but I thank her for it! 😉

  38. Congratulations!!!
    Thank you for this beautiful kit and the work it took to design it! 🙂

  39. Congratulations on your sweet baby boy! We have a new grandson due in July and are very excited about it. His brother has blue eyes and red hair. Thank you for this mini kit – love, love, love it!

  40. Congrats, glad you are both healthy! Thanks for the fabulous freebie. I, too, know the difficulties of juggling photoshop and baby at the same time!

  41. Thank you so much for your wonderful freebies! I love geometric designs! Just fyi, the link from the email doesn’t work. I found it anyway, cause I know how to do that, but a newbie might not. Thanks!

  42. Oops! I got confused about which one I was commenting on! I love your WA in this one. So funny! Thanks!

  43. Hi Trish,

    Gidday mate – Aussie speak for hello LOL

    I’m new to Digital Scrapping – but I have just spent the last 3 hours downloading all those freebies of yours that I liked. I especially LOVE your Alphas!!! I think you have made some very nice alphas!!

    Thanks Heaps for the freebies.

    Robynne Lozier

    Newbie on Pixel Scrapper

  44. Great contribution to the Spring Cleaning kit. Love your floral paper and delightfully funny word art. Thanks.

  45. Hope you cold is short lived so you can enjoy life again! Thank you so much for all your gifts, this paper pack is beautiful!

    1. Since they’re named after you, I expect you to love and cherish them forever! That’s the law.

  46. Trish, you are close to my heart!
    I also wrote stories and poems.
    I’ve also learned graphic programs to illustrate my stories.
    Thank you for this beautiful set, everything you do is beautiful.
    I would like to read your stories, maybe give at least a fragment, please …

  47. Ahh, but now you’ve found your niche’ as a talented designer! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful kit!!

  48. Thank you for taking the time to give us all more of your freebies! New babies and finding time for yourself is almost impossible so congratulation on doing both!

  49. Thanks Trish for the beautiful contribution! I’ve had four kids, so I know it will get better for you. They don’t stay babies long so enjoy him in all his babyhood glory 😉 *heart*

  50. I’m glad I checked back for your tropical winters. Thanks for all you contributions in the middle of a busy busy time.

  51. Thanks for your throwback Thursdays although the last two have only just shown up for me and I’m afraid I get a page not found error for the Have Rosy New Year one.

  52. Fabulous!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Your comment about husband & dishwasher made me chuckle .. many years ago, I got seriously ticked off at my hubbies persisting in stacking the dishwasher any which way, when I had given him demonstrations of how it needs to be done so as you don’t end up with broken handles etc. I don’t know if you have seen the bright yellow covered books (on many different topics) i.e. Canon 400D For Dummies?? Well, I got a bright yellow piece of paper, drew an open dishwasher with items placed how they should be put in, and titled it “Dishwasher Stacking For Dummies” and taped it on the front of the dishwasher he he he. Problem solved .. he appreciated the humour!!!

  53. Thank you for your freebies, they are always beautiful! Hoping your 5 minutes of free time each day will grow into at least 10 for your sanity sake!

    1. Helga, if you click on the preview images above (the kit and the alpha), the download will start, probably in the background. A blank page might pop up, but the download itself should be automatic. Just check your download folder for the zips.

      Hope that helps.


  54. Love your contribution Trish! Sorry about the fires ~ I know its been a growing problem. 🙁 Stay safe. And thank you so much for your part! ♥

  55. Thank you very much for the lovely kit. I hope you and your family are safe from the awful fires you are having in Aus.

  56. This is a sweet edition, thank you! Prayers to you and Australia that this disaster is soon over. I’d share the snow if I could!

  57. Thank you for your gift. My son had chicken pox as a senior in high school. They didn’t have vacinations for chicken pox then. He was sick like your baby. Definitely not fun!

  58. Chicken pox sucks. They didn’t have a shot for it when I was a baby, and my parents had us play with every kid who had it every time it was going around, but I never caught it….until I was 20 and my 1-yr-old brought it home from daycare and I caught it from him. It was MISERABLE, and I came down with it literally on my birthday, too. 🙁

    Glad to hear everyone’s on the mend.

  59. Thanks, Trish, for your lovely gift. It sounds like your January was really crazy. Praying that February finds you and yours healthy and happy!

  60. Oh my, a hectic time with sick babies and you still contributed. Thank you for that. My son at age 12 months had a huge deep pox mark after his bout from his siblings. Totally went away so be encouraged!

  61. Thank-you for your faithfulness in contributing to the BT in the midst of all your chaos. Chicken pox sucks – is right!- but for you the caregiver also. So hard to watch a little one like that with them.
    Hope the rest of your year is filled with light, love & Joy.
    Blessed Be.

  62. I’m so sorry to hear this! Please take care of yourself and don’t worry about giving us freebies! We can wait while you concentrate on yourself (as much as you can with your tribe), resting and eating healthy. Get well ASAP!

  63. Now is the time to focus on you in getting well not us! May God bless you with a quick and full recovery!

  64. You are absolutely correct, cancer really sucks. If you are able, poor out your anger, disbelief, heartache and hope to God. May you receive comfort and peace and above all a cure. Praying for healing and support through your journey.

  65. Prayers for you during this journey! I would be pissed too. Per a friend, sister-in-law, and niece who have had breast cancer, finding a great support group is invaluable.

  66. Hi Trish,
    I am new to digital scrapbooking. I found your blog while on pixel scrapper exploring the Jack and Jill blogtrain. While scrolling through I read your post about your recent breast cancer diagnosis. It broke my heart to read this. I feel after reading previous posts I know you.
    You can do this! You must remain strong! You are a fighter! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. If you are up to it, keep us posted. I will be watching.
    Big Hugs and God Bless,

  67. Thank you for the mini, and thank you for the much-needed laugh about adventure at the end of the driveway. I needed that. 🙂

  68. Bonjour Trish,
    je suis depuis longtemps le blog train Pixelscrapper et je suis désolée de ce qui vous arrive. Ne perdez pas courage, soyez forte et vous vainquerez cette saloperie.
    Bisous d’une amie lointaine, en France.

  69. Trish, just when I think I can’t handle this anymore I hear about others stories and I am amazed at their strength and fortitude. You are one of those! Thank you for taking time to create for us with such a full plate! Wishing you a total cure and sanity at the end of this journey! And a few prayers thrown in from my heart.

  70. God bless you for thinking of us when you have so much going on in your own life! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  71. Thank you for your humor ~ I always appreciate it! Hope the end of April finds you still in good spirits all things considering! Also thank you for the beautiful kit! ♥

  72. Thank you for this! I pray your health is moving along the way you expressed in March. May God Bless YOU!

  73. In my world we call that reality. Sometimes we are just plain tired moms and not the super women we want to be. I appreciate your great papers! Thank you!

  74. I just found your site through Pixel Scrapper and read about your diagnosis… And I am months behind your treatment but I will be praying for you. I understand your anger at being so young and the fear that has come, but God has you. I hope several months into your treatment you are doing well with all the aspects of what is happening to you!

  75. I hear ya on 2020. It has been quite the year that none of us expected! We’re hunkering down here in Minnesota as much as we can (aside from both of us working…my husband being lucky enough to work from home most days). We have a kiddo who has a narrowed airway that more often than not leads to her having to go to the ER for breathing support with the common cold. I’d hate to see what Covid19 would do to her.

    At any rate, thank you so much for the lovely kit! Hang in there and stay safe!

  76. Hi,
    Just wandering how you are feeling? I hope you have plenty of help with the kids during the rough times. I didn’t expect you to keep posting. Bless you. May the Xmas holidays bring good news … and hair:)
    You’re in my thoughts and prayers.
    Be safe,

    1. I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the download. It seems to be working now. If you click on the kit preview image, the download should begin straight away.

    1. There aren’t enough wombats in the digiscrap world, are there?

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the download, though. It’s working now – if you click on the preview image, the download should start straight away.


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  79. Just came across your blog while looking through some things I have by you from 2018, and am so sorry to hear about the difficulties you have been facing over the past year. I hope and pray you are healing now!

    1. Sorry, Barb. It seems to be working now. Just click on the image or the link below and the download should start.

  80. Great job. I love your kit-thanks so very much.
    I hope you are doing better and not having any treatments at this time.

  81. The kit is just absolutely gorgeous!! The look of all the elements is amazing, The colors are stunning. Glad you did the blog train this month!! Thank you so much for sharing!!