Freebie Friday – Monochrome

We’re heading back to basics this week. Can’t get any more basic than simple black and white, amirite?

This week’s freebie is a paper pack of monochromatic pixel-type patterned papers. A little bit basic, a little bit flashy.

Happy scrapping!

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Freebie Friday – Sienna

At present, I would very much like to wish myself into the middle of the desert. But only for a little while because I’ll burn like an egg on a dasboard in Arizona. In the meantime, as I potter around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for spring, I’ll content myself with these pretty summery sienna shaded patterned papers.

Happy (and warm) scrapping!

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Freebie Friday – Borderline

And now, for something completely different – today’s offering is NOT a paper pack! Are you impressed? Because you should be!

This week you’ll find a little mish mash of borders. Some pretty and jewel-like, others just plain strips of pretty sparkly design thingies.

Happy scrapping!

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Freebie Friday – Knit, knit, knit

While the northern hemisphere enjoys an early summer, we down here in the southern hemisphere are freezing our patooties off. Well, I am and I assume everyone else is (except maybe those in Queensland and the NT because I’m pretty sure winter doesn’t exist up there). So these days you can find me snuggling under a blanket with a hot water bottle at my butt. Oh, what a life!

Since I can’t actually knit, I thought I’d warm everyone up with some virtual knitting. I present to you: red, white, and knitted!

Keep warm, people!

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Freebie Friday – Etsy Preview Edition!

I’ve taken the plunge and opened up an Etsy store. It’s a little threadbare at present but I’m slowly adding more goodies. For the moment you can find some very pretty digital paper packs for all your papercraft needs. Soon enough I’ll add the equally awesome kits I’ve been working on!

This week I’m offering a free sample pack of what you can expect from the offerings currently at Pixel In My Pocket. Get it while it’s hot because this is a limited download!

I hope you enjoy these.

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Freebie Friday – May 26th

I’ve been lacking any sort of creative drive lately, but as usual PixelScrapper delivers the inspiration like a kick to the butt. This teeny tiny mini-kit is the result of a clever little create-a-kit via a series of prompts. I aimed for cohesion, probably didn’t end up with it. But I like the colours and I had heaps of fun working with a set series of variables rather than flying by the seat of my pants.

Download via the links.

Don’t forget the bonus alpha!

Mini Kit


Happy scrapping!

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Freebie Friday – May 19th

Time for some tape! Well, tape templates. This week you’ll find some monochrome tape templates.

Pick your pattern, add a layer style (I find soft light and overlay work really well for this), clip it to a mask, save, and you’re set to go!

Commercial use allowed. Check out the TOUs for specifics.

Happy scrapping!

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