Throwback Thursday – Raindrops & Rainbows

Before my husband and I created our third adorable nuisance, I had plans for the website. I even have a list written in my favourite glitter pens outlining those plans!

A site revamp was in the cards – create a new layout, refresh old freebies, maybe writing a tutorial or two. It was pretty serious. I mean, they were written in glitter.

Now it’s all gone to pot and placed on the backburner.

Perhaps you’d like to rediscover – or discover – some old freebies? They have yet to be refreshed, but I like to think that I’m pedantic enough that the original quality was pretty good way back then, even if I feel that I’ve improved somewhat my design skills.

I like to think I’ve become more polished but I don’t know …

Thought I might start by throwing obnoxiously loud rainbow colours at you! From an old Pixel Scrapper blog train in April 2017. Look at that preview image!

(That reminds me – gotta update the preview template …)

Both the link and the image will take you to the original post.

Happy scrapping!

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